Liala Baiardi

Valuation and Management of real estate

Edizioni Nuova Cultura


The success of qualified and professional resources, the development of new approaches and methodologies in the real estate have already provided positive results, in terms of better quality offer of the proprieties.

In a fully evolved market, in fact, the adherence by professionals to a specific code of conduct and the spread of shared procedures acknowledged as standards, represent a guarantee for quality.  The experts must be able to compete on international markets in the field of technical and of economic management of existing buildings and urban environments.

The main scope of this text is to provide methods and tools to be used for technical-economic evaluation on purchase or managing and valorize of building and property.

In particular, it is addressed to those profiles in the real estate market and to the students that aim at a potential employment gravitating around the economic-financial management

This scope is achieved through formative procedures that include the description of the main processes and instruments that characterized the real estate operations worldwide.

The main methodologies refer to the ones adopted by the operators of this sector and to the most common texts that include scientific publications, rule and codes widespread on a national and international scale.